PB5- 'Already in use' errors and lock-ups

Nope. I’m just another DT customer, not employed by or representing them.

He typically does, which is probably one of the reasons DT hired him. :slight_smile:



  1. Do not drag folders or package files onto the Sorter’s (Global) Inbox, especially if you have experienced any problems from doing so, while using public beta 5.

  2. DO use one of the alternatives noted above. Drag items either onto the ‘Inbox’ item under Places on a Finder window, or drag them into a database Inbox or group that has been added to an empty Sorter slot.
    I kind of suspected the Sorter was causing some of these problems. But, it’s worth mentioning that I did a clean install of DTPro last night on a new Macbook and I still get the ‘database in already in use’ message. Didn’t put anything into the sorter either. The database files were moved from my iMac to the Macbook, by the way.

This really is intolerable – sorry, “God.” This company has a nice product but they are really botching this new release.

It isn’t really a beta. It’s something between a beta and a full release. And the fact that the company is only selling the beta means it’s closer to the full release.

In other words, it’s a beta being sold for full price with no older option available for purchase, but with a “beta” tag attached that let’s the company cover it’s a–.

Even beta releases don’t wreck programs and data like Beta 5 has done with mine, rendering the program unusable and causing me untold grief trying to get my data out, not the beta releases from quality companies. A few bugs, sure; some features not working, sure; maybe a piece of data lost here or there; sure. But wrecking the program and the data? No.

Devon had better fix this problem fast, or offer users a quick way to load an old program that will quickly make their databases usable with a minimum of fuss.

Yes, this is intolerable.

Your reputation is on the line, folks.

More dramatics, please?

In the short term, I’d suggest DTech at least acknowledge the seriousness of this bug (which it apparently is) and provide possible workarounds in more visible locations than buried pages deep in forum threads.

I will add my 2cents. Other than my confusion over the expired demo and the Sorter issue upon install, I’m running b5 problem free.

MacBook Pro
2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

God wrote:

Thank you God

I’m confident they will give us an answer when they are ready…no need for all the fuss…

As adapters of a Beta version, we’ve entered into a kind social contract with DEVON. As such, we agree to live with and report the bugs as clearly as we can and they in turn agree to fix them as time permits. End of story.

I’ve also experienced the same problems (“already in use”) with no big consequencies: it’s annoying but I didn’t experience data loss. I have also noticed that DT opens the databases that were open on the previous session. I didn’t notice this behaviour before (but maybe I’m mistaking) and this is also quite annoying.
On the contrary I’ve experienced some data loss moving a database from a location on my HD to another…I guess it isn’t normal, is it?

The opening of previous databases was requested by users, as is usual others don’t and some do like it. I do agree that it is a more consistent user experience.

As to issues you had or feature requests to the one above (I can see one coming already), please use support@devon-technologies.com. Since Christian isn’t looking at the forum but after his new daughter this is the best way we have to put it to his attention. Thanks!

No, properly moving a database should not result in data loss.

But there are possibilities that could result in data loss, and these are not DT bugs.

  1. Copying or moving an open database can cause problems. The copy may be incomplete or contain errors. Copying or moving an open file should be considered bad practice in any application,

  2. Import-captured databases are self-contained and so can readily be run from different locations. But if a database contains Index-captured files, moving the database so as to break the paths to the Indexed files will result in information loss.

But with index files you are just loosing the path in your DB to the physical file, not the actual file. Correct? I realize that can be an issue with lots of index linked files, but the data is still intact, right?

Good question. Bill might want to specifically clarify what “will result information loss” means.

(btw, “losing” only has one ‘o’ :slight_smile:)

A colleague rescued my data. When he gets a chance, I’ll ask him how he did it and post.

I’m still getting annoying notices about open databases, though, I hope that’s fixed soon.

DevonThink the company needs to decide whether it wants to push sales of a Beta version on its front page and then have it perform so miserably. The company’s marketing implies through such presentation that the latest version is fairly stable, when it’s anything but.

Many (probably most) people (myself included) haven’t experienced any significant problems with the betas so please stop making generalized statements that assume everyone will.

I second this.

I may be way off base in my understanding of such things but this Troubleshooting forum ought to be used to ask minor questions that other forum users as well as the D-tech staff might be able to quickly answer.

There is a trouble ticket system that we should be using for major problems, complex issues, and bugs. This forum is definitely not the venue for spouting off and ranting on and on about such things. Tempers get too hot, people are making personal attacks, and as adults, we all know that sinking to those levels don’t help resolve the actual problem. If you want to call out DT and aver that their reputation is on the line, send them a private note.

I haven’t paid much attention to this thread as I watch it go by as a feed in a DT window so I don’t know the issues in detail, but to ditto sjk, I haven’t had any issues to speak of at all with any of the betas. DEVON’s betas have always performed splendidly and I, for one, am extremely grateful that they released this series as pb-x rather than keep the beta community closed as some developers do.

I hear you.

I propose this: The beta bashers like me take a deep breath and get less emotional about posting when things go wrong. The Gods try to refrain from finger wagging about “it’s a beta, what do you expect.” Deal?

I think part of the reason some of us – okay me – start to go overboard is the need to make clear a problem is serious in the face of some forum participants calling us idiots for having critical data in a beta version. We get that. The idea is to make the product better. If both sides cooled it, it might be more productive. I’ll try to do my part.

Spell check failed me.

'Twasn’t me, though my posts (like everyone else’s) are always open to misunderstandings. And I’m always open to clarifying what I’ve meant if there’s any doubt.

And sometimes to help each other be more aware of product issues we may be overlooking and basing assumptions or accusations on.

It’s also useful to know/remember most people sincerely offering help here (with a diversity of experience and personalities) are volunteering their time and support, unlikely to appreciate brash attitudes from those seeking help. Reduces some initial confrontations, and increases civility and respect, between helpees (sic) and helpers.

No worries, all around.

I’m more sensitive and compassionate about most problems than it may initially seem I am if you don’t already know me and my background.

'Twas a correctly spelled word in an incorrect context. :slight_smile:

Loose/loosing are so commonly misused for lose/losing that I think they deserve new spellings: luze/luzing?

Good night… Yes I know it was out of context, my point was since it was spelled correctly, I didn’t catch the literal meaning. Same thing happens with there and their. I used a word wrong, you’ve corrected me, move on…