PB7 expiration and the holidays

First, I know I’m jumping the gun a wee bit. But . . .

Last summer I was one of those impacted by the expiring beta occurring as I was on vacation, away from the internet, but still using a computer! There were lots of complaints then about the switch to a new beta (or final release) occuring so close to the beta deadline.

Now we’re creeping up on the holidays, where I and many others will once again be travelling. I imagine the travel periond begins starting in about 2 weeks from now through about mid-January. Will we be getting a new beta way before Dec 31 (expiration date) or will this be a revisit of the summer past were the beta was released before expiration date (Dec 31) but well past the practical date when many people are on holiday or travelling?

A new beta will be probably available next week.

Thanks for the quick reply! Even if the new beta isn’t posted next week it seems like it certainly will be before the “traveling/holidays period” begins. Many thanks.