PB8 Expiration

I will be on the road at the end of the month when the current version expires.

Is the final release coming out before month end, or is there going to be another beta version? and will whatever replaces PB8 be available a week or so before the expiration date?

I won’t have access to the internet from the 25th on and have a ton of stuff to do while I’m away.

The final release will be probably available earlier, otherwise just don’t quit 2.0pb8 or change the system-date before launching it.

“don´t quit” while on the road?

I have been having this problem for 1 year now, 1 year, and got bullied here on the board by fanboys for asking for a permanent license. You wil never ever get this fixed, you do not even understand that problem. I regret that I did not send a preview/limited beta of my money to you when I got my license many, many months ago.

Please have a look at our news page today.

I especially like this:

Until March 14, 2010, all four applications can be purchased with 10 percent discount. This discount also applies to all upgrades from previous versions as well as cross-grades from DEVONnote to DEVONthink. (Feb 24, 2010)

So, all those who paid the full price and were using the betas and providing feedback get to pay 11% more than those who didn’t pay until now.

What a brilliant way to make your loyal customers feel valued!

Whiners are so awesome!

My, how witty!

I’m a heavy user of DTP and, yes, I did buy the 2.0 beta. I like the program a lot, which is an essencial part of my workflow, so it was a non-brainer for me.

However, I also think that the 10% off should have been offered since the beta. Not because 10% is a big difference in price (it is not), but people buying the beta are DEVONtechnologies biggest supporters and should be recognized as such. No one deserves the discount more than them.

This is not whining. It’s an opinion. (And, yes, I may think twice in the next upgrade before buying the new version while still in beta.)