PC version

I realize it may be a little controversial, but a Windows version of Devonthink would be great! I use a PC at work, and I really miss my DT. In fact, I find that I need DT much more at work than at home on my Mac. Sure it would be a huge amount of work, I haven’t seen anything for the PC close to the quality of DT. If Devon tech goes that route, I would throw money at them to get the program. Well, at least I have it at home.

At the moment, creating a Windows version of DEVONthink would take longer than to completely rewrite it from scratch on the Mac. But, there may be a Windows port when we have the necessary human resources for porting it. Never say never…



Or wait until Cherryos comes out. I’m a little skeptical of the future of CherryOS, but one thing is sure: it will either flop or soar. If they are going to release a public demo, then people will only buy it if it runs well. They won’t buy if it only means that their P4 HT will run like a 300MHz G3. But if it does use system resources well to make the computer run easily, guess what? I’ll be running Devon Think on my PC in no time flat.

I suppose we can dream, can’t we?