PDF/A Support


I would like to use DTPO for paperless archiving of my tax and clients related documents. Therefore, I would like to know whether there is already now a solution to scan and import documents in PDF/A format and to keep and administer them in DTPO. Or if not, do you plan to develop such a ability for DTPO?

Kind regards, Friedrich

It’s neither supported nor planned at the moment but we’ll consider this for future releases.

It appears PDFPen Pro can export to PDF/a.

The support of PDF/A-standard ist an important topic.

The lack of PDF/A-support was only bearable for me because DevonThink Pro Office offered enough other advantages at the time I bought it.

But it is a critical point especially for german users due to their requirements to store documents legally correct.

I expect PDF/A-standard in a future version of DevonThink as it sells as a software that will support an office workflow with less hardcopies.

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