PDF and other file support

Like others, I find DTTG’s facility with PDFs lacking - very slow to open, not really usable as a reader. I’m using it mainly as a conduit to ReaddleDocs.

If DT is not going to create/invest in a more robust reader, it would be nice to have a way to bypass the system’s PDF reader entirely, i.e. have an option to open the doc in another app from the file listing (GoodReader and ReaddleDocs can do this).

This would also be useful for documents that the system can’t read, e.g., xlsx files. Currently there is no way I can figure to get an xlsx file out of DTTG, even though I have apps on my iPad that can read the file.

I am finding this a good start. Some problems with sync that are usually fixed by deselecting and reselecting the database/inbox.