Pdf annotating tools grayed out

Team, none of the pdf annotating tools are available to me. Any idea why?

Certain PDF documents are opened read-only to avoid a text layer corruption due to issues of the PDFkit framework of macOS. One workaround is to convert it to a new paginated PDF (see Data > Convert), another one the hidden preference ForceEditablePDFs

There is a read-only property icon visible in the Navigation bar above the view/edit pane…


@cgrunenberg Is there a search criteria or AppleScript property that people can use to track down these read-only PDFs?

Similar to others, I run into this problem a lot. I was hoping to preemptively fix them all at once, but I’m having trouble finding an easy way to search for them (as opposed to using the hidden preference to force them into submission or just waiting until I stumble upon them).

Thanks for your help!

Can’t say I have done much research into editing PDFs that show “read-only” in DEVONthink and why it works for me, but I find most of the time, unless the PDF creator has encrypted the PDF to prevent edits (their prerogative), it works for me to use the “Open With…” using Apple’s Preview and its Markup Tools on the Markup Toolbar. If I need fancier editing features, I’ll “Open With…” PDFPen.

This approach means I don’t have to pre-hunt for those that DEVONthink’s use of PDFKit opens in read-only. Allows me to get on with things which is the priority for me.

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That’s not possible, this is determined when opening the file (and might change in future version or different macOS versions).

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