PDF annotation Apple pencil


  1. better support for Apple pencils. Other PDF app support the double touch on the Apple Pencil for instance to switch between Mark and Clean.

  2. when using the marker, I would like it to line-up with the text I mark,

Thanks for a great new iOS App, and I will definitely be happy to pay the subscription.


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For (2), try 1 of these:

  • without going to EDIT, highlight text and tap on [A] that pops up
  • EDIT, tap on [A] icon and highlight

Welcome @oschmitto

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll consider them for upcoming releases.

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Thanks for the comment and idea, which I will try to use…

Perhaps I’m missing something, but my pencil do the double tap into it to swap between clean and last tool used, and I can use the marker to exactly mark over text lines… For this one, if it doesn’t, perhaps your PDF is image-only.

Agree on the double tap… :+1:

The other is that yes it marks the text, but some PDF app, kind of “line-up” the marking I am making, if I for instance could keep it as a straight line, following the text.