PDF Annotation not Available?

I’ve never had this issue before today. Usually, I can annotate PDFs all night, but suddenly, DT won’t allow me to select annotation tools.

I am working with a PDF+Text file.

Any thoughts?


Here’s the PDF:
Sadik 2014.pdf (474.8 KB)

I can see that this file is “read only” in DT, but that’s not the case anywhere else. I can annotate in Highlights, PDF Expert, etc, and the file info does not indicate it is “read only” or “locked” anywhere but DT.

See e.g. Cannot highlight certain pdf documents - #43 by TomBen

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There were no CID or Identity-H fonts, nor was the file encrypted, so I’m not sure what caused the lock.

I highlighted your file in Apple’s Preview and this unlocked the file. Subsequent highlights in DEVONthink have not damaged the text layer.

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Thank you so much for your help.

You’re welcome.