PDF Annotations not appearing on iPad & iPhone

I have imported a large number of legacy PDF documents into DTPO on my Mac and some of them contain PDF annotations created in other PDF editing applications over a number of years. Typically, this is the case where I have scanned a paper form (with text boxes to write your name, address, etc) and then used a PDF editor to enter the text digitally rather than with pen. These annotations display fine in DTPO but are hidden from view in DTToGo on iOS.

If necessary, I am happy to flatten all such documents (i.e. print to PDF) on my Mac, creating an operable baseline and then only use Devon Think to annotate documents in the future. However, I cannot find a simple way to search for “PDF with annotations”.

Any ideas ? Any solutions ?

Here is a script that will detect the presence of Annotations in a PDF. It is NOT detecting by type (highlight, text, note, etc.). It is merely assessing whether an Annotation is present in the PDF. If it finds one, it changes the file’s label color. And yes, it works on a selection of files, not just one.
I suggest running it on a file or two before going for a larger group.
DT Label Annotated PDFs.scpt.zip (3.42 KB)

Thanks. I will try