PDF capture affected by browser width

Capturing a web page to PDF is affected by the width of the browser window. I have a (relatively) wide screen monitor and the PDF that is output has (for most sites) huge white margins at the sides. Is there a way to clip only the content area of a page. (I should say that clutter free captures the content ok but generally I want the formatting too.)

As a new user I can’t upload the PDF attachments but below are 2 images that should demonstrate what i am talking about. Both use the same web page but one is captured with the browser at its full width and the other i have manually adjusted the browser to the max-width of the content.

EDIT: Only 1 image is attached as new users are only allowed 1. The second image/pdf has the white space at the sides missing - resulting in a much neater / more usable document.

Did you capture a single page or paginated PDF? In the first case the width of the browser window is indeed used to reproduce the original layout as well as possible usually.

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Yes - thanks. I can see that paginated does this better so can use this approach generally.

I do think that most sites (that have content worthy of clipping) tend to have the text content within a max-width container to aid reading it so just wondered if the clipper could react to this as opposed to picking up a lot of redundant space.

Sometimes getting good copies of web pages requires a bit of experimenting. Not all web sites are built the same way, and sometimes they are so complicated to make getting copies a bit of a challenge with any software. Perhaps with the clutter-free switch, or “print” to PDF.

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