PDF conversion to searcheable PDF does not work

Hi there,
the conversion of a PDF document to a searcheable PDF document seems not working anymore. The process starts as usual without interruptions until the very end when the creation of the “final” PDF, the searcheable one, stops and the progress bar suddently disappears. Under normal conditions, a new searcheable PDF file is added to the database with the same name of the original one but now nothing of this sort happens. I empty the cash and restart DT but to no avail. Has anyone experienced something like this? Any suggestion?

DT 3.8.5
OSX 10.15.7
iMac 27" late 2013
3,2 GHz Intel Core i5 quad-core
8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

What is reported in Window > Log?

Hi Bluefrog!
The log does not even appear as if everything were OK.

DT has been successful in converting two files of 2,2 and 14 mb respectively. It seems that larger files cannot be converted. That’s strange. Could there be any other factor hindering the process completion?

Hello, Devonian_Man :slight_smile:

Hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug. Please ZIP and attach a problematic PDF for us to inspect.


Bug reported with compressed PDF attached.
Many thanks,