PDF corruption during PDF Expert interaction | DT3

I know we’ve been warned not to use the beta in “production” and I’m not lamenting, but this is what happened: I’ve navigated to a PDF document in dt3 and opened it in PDF Expert. I made annotations there and went back to dt3 for some search queries. I’ve then highlighted some words in dt3’s PDF preview pane and saved the document. Coming back to PDF Expert, I realize that the OCR’d text has been corrupted:

􏴦􏴓􏴞􏴟 􏴓􏴏 􏴏􏴎􏴫􏴠 􏴩􏴓􏴎

It happened well underway an event, so I didn’t see to generating any logs. I used a MacBook Pro running High Sierra.

I’ve just recreated the behavior on an iMac running Mojave.

What is reported in the Document Inspector > Properties: Producer, if anything?

The first PDF’s producer reads: Mac OS X 10.13.6 Quartz PDFContext
The second PDF reads: macOS Version 10.14.4 (Build 18E226) Quartz PDFContext

The text field “Creator” (Ersteller) now reads DEVONthink 3 in both cases.

If you have the unaltered original, I’d open it in Preview, make some annotations, and see if it behaves the same.

Here is what happens:

Opening the same file with PDF Expert and Preview.

(1) Making changes in Preview (without saving). PDF Expert prompts a message: File has been altered, load from drive y/n.
(2.1) Making changes in PDF Expert (without saving). Preview updates automatically[^1]. At this point - no matter if saved or not - highlighting text does not work anymore in preview. Adding, e.g. text still works.
[^1]: actually, sometimes it does, sometimes not.

(2.2) Closing the app and reopening it again allows the document to be edited (words to be highlighted) again. Behavior of (1) is triggered.
(3.1) Making changes in PDF Expert (without saving). If I now try to pick a color in Preview, the app crashes.
(3.2) Reopening Preview I can edit the file again. Behavior of (1) is triggered.

Clearly, there are some problems with apple’s PDF Kit. In the case of Preview, instead of corrupting the PDF it rather crashes or stops working. (Although, when restarting the app I can make changes as I would do with the dt3 PDF editor without the PDF being corrupted).

Thanks! Development will have to see about this, but PDFkit still apparently has some issues in general.

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