PDF: Document link with page and viewing mode

  1. Bug: The document link including the page of a PDF doesn’t work on my iOS devices. The link opens the corresponding PDF correctly but does not jump to the page given as a parameter.

  2. Wish: Would be great to have a “book mode” for PDFs (like with the Mac version of DT) to show uneven numbered pages on the right when you view a PDF as a double page.

  1. Reported - though I saw the page count was off, not non-functioning.
  2. Noted. Thanks!

First I thought so too, but actually DTTG shows the page of the PDF where you left it the last time.

Hello, new user here. I am having the exact same problem as bullet 1 in OP, and this post is the only related one I found. I am running Devonthink to go 2.7.7 (iPad and iPhone). The link to a pdf page will get me to the correct file but only to the first page of it. The link works fine on Devonthink on Mac, i.e., it will jump to the correct page. Any help would be appreciated!

Welcome @xx131

This should be addressed in the next release. Thanks for your patience and understanding.