PDF documents generated by "Genius Scan" can't get OCRed

Came across this scanner called Genius Scan (Genius Scan | A scanner in your pocket) that’s pretty popular and gave it a go. It’s working fine, but all files it generates aren’t OCR-able by DEVONthink. The OCR related items are all greyed out.

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 11.14.51

Any idea what’s going on here? The type is still just “PDF document”

Other weirdness I noticed: DEVONthink isn’t displaying thumbnails, and all pages are displayed as long scroll page instead of the usual paginated view. DTTGO and Preview are displaying everything just fine though

Have you tried using other tools for OCR of these PDF’s from Genius Scan? For example, Adobe has a free on for IOS you could try.

What kind of files does this app actually generate?

Okay so I wanted to generate a few files to upload here, but wasn’t able to reproduce the problem anymore today. The files I generated before still aren’t OCR-able in DT, but newly added ones are. This happened on all files generated with this app, but I’ll will monitor a bit and see if it pops up again.

Did you update DEVONthink, the scanner software or macOS in the meantime?

Hi, I confirm that Genius Scan exported files are PDF files. Each PDF page contains an image corresponding to the scanned document. Feel free to contact our customer support, we read and answer every message. Romain, The Grizzly Labs team (Genius Scan, Genius Sign, Genius Fax)

Welcome @romaintgl

Glad to have you here! :slight_smile: