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I have noticed that all the pdf stored in my database, according to the info panel, are 72 dpi. I believe that I have scannered some documents on a bigger resolution. Even if a drop a file on DT that is, I suppose, 300 dpi Devon info panel reports 72 dpi. Am I missing something?

Thank you.

Yeah, it’s odd. I found the same too. If you zoom into the documents, you’ll find that they are whatever dpi they’re meant to be anyway. The same occurs if you open in Preview & look at the dimensions, which indicate far fewer pixels than are really in the document.

Apples and oranges, not to be confused. :slight_smile:

Yes, a PDF with an image resolution of 300 dpi will be shown as displaying at 72 dpi, which was the old Apple convention for pixels per inch in screen displays. Nowadays, Mac displays may have a display density of 100 or more pixels per inch.

Thank you Bill. However, how come an image (tiff, jpeg, ecc.) with a dpi of 300 or else is displayed in the info panel with the correct dpi size?

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