pdf editing- export -> reimport

I would have sworn there was a way to do this.

I’d like to send a pdf file from DTG to iAnnotatePDF or GoodReader, edit it, then send it back to DTG, automatically replacing the old, unedited file.

It seemed to me like the last time I did this it was virtually automatic. Yet I find that when I close the file in the editing program, it is not sent back. In GoodReader, I can send the edited file to DTG but then, of course, it makes a separate file in DTG with a filename which is (I assume) the UID.

This is not what I want. I want it to be sent back and replace the original while keeping the original filename - which I would have sworn I could do.

Any suggestions for how to make this happen?

Tom S.

Could you post the exact steps you used? I tried this recently with GoodReader and it seemed to work as expected.

However, I did find that if I had previously sent a PDF to GoodReader, then sent it to GoodReader again, a copy was created in GoodReader (with the name ’ 2.pdf’). Sending this copy back to DEVONthink To Go created a new document instead of overwriting the original.

Hi, Jon.

Thanks, for answering this.

I have, in fact, been playing around since I posted this trying to figure it out. After some time, I found exactly what you mentioned. iAnnotatePDF (and presumably GoodReader) works as expected if I send it one round trip, once from DTG to iA and once back. Sending it another round trip or just sending it again from iA to DTG reproduced the behavior I described for GoodReader and created a document in DTG with the UUID as the name. The only way to send the document round trip more than once was to delete the initial export from iA’s library.

You learn something new every day.

Thanks, again.

Tom S.