Pdf editing mode: too easy to trigger

The new editing mode for pdfs is fantastic. While I still send big files such as PhD theses to iAnnotate for commenting, quick edits are so much more convenient directly in DTTG. In addition, it is invaluable to see markup from other sources within the DTTG view now.

I am quite inconvenienced, however, by the ease with which EDIT mode is triggered while I read a pdf: It is not only started by pressing “Edit” in the upper right corner, but also by merely touching somewhere on the document for a little to long.

Invariably, when I read a pdf in DTTG, one of my fingers will touch the view area, and the edit toolbar will spring up. What’s worse, half of the time, the “Author information” popup is triggered. I then have to dismiss that panel, and press “done” to leave edit mode.

At least for users who mostly read, and occasionally edit, pdfs, it would be much preferable to set a mode where ONLY an explicit press on “Edit” triggers editing, not simply touching the document.

+1 (or +10, actually). When reading documents I frequently want to look up a word definition – or go further and use the popup to search the term on the internet – and DTTG always jumps into PDF edit mode**. I suspect this is a carryover from press-to-edit behavior in text documents, but it is not useful in PDFs.

**[size=85]Technically, by the way, we are “annotating” – DTTG tools do not support changing text (“editing”). “Edit” is probably the wrong name for the menu command.[/size]

Thank you for the feedback. We’ll reconsider the touch-for-edit gesture for PDFs. Yes, it’s there to make annotating PDFs work the same as editing e.g. text files.

As you are already laying hands on this:

  • while in reading mode I can swipe to the next page with one finger. Swiping with two fingers does not work.
  • while in active editing mode (a tool is selected) I can only swipe to the next page with two fingers. Swiping with one finger does not work. That’s confusing.
  • could it be possible to distinguish between a finger and an apple pencil for swiping and editing?
  • After exiting the edit mode DTTG always jumps to the first page. That can get annoying.

Otherwise I love DTTG, especially it’s search function.

Version 2.0.5 will switch from horizontal to vertical scrolling. The one finger/two finger swiping modes are defined by the PDF kit we’re using so it’s unlikely that this changes.

As for the Apple Pencil recognition: We’ll forward this to the developers.

Finally the reading position: Fixed for 2.0.5.

That’s great. Thanks.