Pdf Export in reversed order

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a little advice/tip.

I have scanned a couple of old bank account statements from one whole year Into one pdf and would like to file them in DT. Unfortunately i scanned them in the wrong order, so the last page is on the first page and vIce versa.
So I am looking for an easy way to turn the order over into the right order. Since I am talking about at least 50-80 pages, I do not want to do this manually bit somehow easy, fast and automatically.

Any ideas or special tips?

Many thanks, killerspots

General advice on the internet indicates that you may either use a PDF editor that supports reverting page order (like PDF Expert) or may simply print to a PDF file while selecting reverted page order in the print dialog.

Maybe there is a DT way of doing it as well, but those seem promising starting points from a ten second Google search. What have you tried so far?

Tools > Inspectors > Content > Thumbnails .
Control-click in the thumbnails inspector and choose Reverse Page Order.


Awesome, many thanks.

@BLUEFROG: This feature seems pretty new, or did I really miss this all this years since? I have never actually seen this… :blush:

@ambleaKE: I have searched for this issue maybe a year ago but have not found really sophisticated ways that worked as I have wished for. Even the printing in reverse order did not work as descripted and didnt find an answer why. But it seems we have found a solution. :slight_smile: