Pdf files become unreadable code problem in DT3 when copy and paste

A Chinese pdf file import into DT3, the index words of this file are correct. But when the pdf file was saved in DT3, the file size become smaller and the index words changed to useless. Then if copy words from the pdf file to another app, for example word, the pasted words become unreadable code. So I dare not use the built-in pdf reader. I update to beta 4 today, the bug is still there. so I report this issue.

Did you edit the PDF document using beta 3 or beta 4?

yes,I annotated the pdf with line tool,then I save file in DT3 beta4. The issue would come.

Could you please forward a copy of the document (before editing) to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks!

new user cannot send attachment. I have send a email to support@devontechnologies.com with a copy of the pdf file. Please check it.

What ticket number were you issued?

ticket #300681