PDF format issues with Safari

My preferred method of storing web content in DT is exporting the site as
paginated pdf from Safari - either using the bookmarklet or the DT Toolbar icon.

Recently, the resulting pdfs have turned out to contain tiny text. Rather than exporting, say, a four page pdf document, DT puts everything on 1 pdf page making it very hard to read in DT.

Any idea how I can change the format into something more readable?

I also get tiny type, weird page sizes, strange pagination, and other odd PDFs using the “paginated PDF” option from the DEVONthink Safari clipper. Because it’s not consistent - occurring with some sites and not others - I suspect it has more to do with how Safari 5 (in my case) is rendering the page rather than DEVONthink. Although PDFKit is probably a culprit too.

Best thing to do, here, is to zip up some sample links and sample PDFs made from those pages and send them to DEVONthink Support so they can see and evaluate for themselves.

Or, use Reader or Readability to prepare the page before printing it. Or try another browser.

Thanks for your reply. Readability is a great tool for viewing websites.
But I found that when I try to export a website rendered via readability, the DT clipper actually captures the “background”, i.e. the unrendered site, which defeats the purpose.

Yes it does. With Readability (and Instapaper, etc.) I don’t use the DT clipper. I use Print > PDF > Save to DEVONthink. Over here, that always works.

Thanks for the tip. It works well. Just wish there was a one-click solution…