PDF from DevonThink Finder to DevonThink Inbox

have this smart rule but it doesnt seem to work. anyone know why.

Why are you setting Word Count =0 as a criteria?

Lots of PDFs nowadays have a searchable text layer natively even without OCR.

Why would you want to reject a PDF that has a text layer?

Because one of the dev said to set it that way. But taking out the Word count is 0. now it works.

Thank you

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Probably in a different context, e.g. when not yet searchable PDFs should be processed or OCRed.

OK yes it was you who said that. So this only applies IF a PDF is not searchable yet, correct?

Can I include both criteria into one smart rule or it has to be separate?

Because now I have two smart rules, one for PDF who are already searchable and the other smart rule is for PDF non searchable. these two smart rules send pdfs to the same group.

Do you intend to put PDFs without OCR in the group?

I want Incoming PDFs sent to Group A.

If incoming PDF is NOT OCRd I want it to be OCRd it, then sent to Group A.
If incoming PDF IS already OCRd then I want it to be sent to Group A.

You need two smart rules or to use an Execute Script action in one smart rule.

ok thank you