PDF handler and editor; Simple Automated Formatting

Okay, I looked around and could not find anyone that suggested this, so here I go. There are times when I would like to edit the text on a pdf that I have imported into DT. Maybe add notes to it, or fill in form fields to print out later. I was thinking how nice it would be to be able to edit that layer of text that floats on top of the image. I use (FormulatePro) at the moment, which is pretty cool little app, but it would be nice to be able to do it all in DT.

The only other pdf function that would be pretty cool would be able to quickly remove the image from behind that text layer, revealing just the text alone. Sometimes I don’t need that bitmap image, and it just takes up space.

Now, on to the simple automated formatting. Okay, in no way am I suggesting something like Microsoft Word’s convoluted, overly complex and annoying automatic formatting. I am just talking about some simple stuff. I use DT for all my studying and writing of notes. So, my writing consists of a lot of outline type structures. One thing that would save me a ton of time would be the soft-return alignment adjustment. You know, that little down arrow in the ruler toolbar. Let me give an example:

I. Title of Section
_______A. Title of Subsection
_______________1. Title of note. Now, when writing, I would like the
_________________ soft return to adjust to the above tabbed position.

(Since   did not work, I had to use the underscore, sorry) The soft-return would automatically adjust to where I started the originating line by way of tabbing. That way every time I change from section to subsection or to sub-subsection, I do not have to readjust the soft return alignment. Does that make any sense?