PDF Hervorhebungen: konvertierung in dokument

Hi everybody,
first of all I like to express that I really love the way DT3 is going! Great work!

My question for the forum is related to my workflow. I have a lot of pdfs in my DT3 database that are sorted using mainly tags. I read a lot on the go and use my iPad pro with “DT- to go”. In the mobile version I use the editing feature to highlight the text that is interesting for me. So when it is synced back to my DT3 database the pdf will be partly highlighted as intended. So far this works flawless and, for me, is the best way to handle my workflow.
To further improve this I have two question to which I can’t find a solution on my own:

  1. Is it possible to create a smart folder that shows all the pdfs I have something marked in? I tried it with a rule based on “pdf Annotations” but this doesn’t seem to work since it is not counting all of my pdf annotations / Highlights (I can’t see a difference). maybe it still is a bug in DT3? I don’t know…

  2. Would it be possible to somehow have a document (.rtf, .doc,…) that cumulates all the highlights of one pdf? That would make it so ease to keep track of all the highlighting that was done in one file!

Thanks for any ideas or thoughts on this
Best, Frank

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Yes, you can create a smart group with PDF Annotations to show these files.

However, with an older database you may have to do a File > Rebuild Database as DEVONthink will not retroactively examine the documents.

Look at Tools > Summarize Highlights, noting this will be a static document. It is not going to continue to update as you highlight.

Thank you so much!
The rebuild databse did the trick and now every annotation is shown up!
And the tool for summing them up works as well!


You’re very welcome. Cheers!

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