PDF import or index with Sente / Bookends?

I am new to DevonThink. I need to know the best way to make DT work with Sente (or Bookends). I have chosen Sente for it’s superior cloud/iPad functionality.

I have successfully indexed Sente’s bundled library and use the Synchronize.scpt to auto refresh the indexed folder in DT every time it is opened : sente.tenderapp.com/discussions/ … devonthink

However, I understand that this may not be optimal from DT’s side and it would be better to import the PDFs into DT and have Sente index DT’s group. For instance, if I accidentally move the Sente library DT would remove the index and I’m left with a lot of lost work! :frowning:

I suppose this could be insured with a backup copy that is regularly updated (is there a backup script for this?) Also, I don’t know how Sente’s Cloud syncing works if the pdfs are inside DT.

Does anyone have experience with this? Perhaps someone can offer step-by-step instructions for setting this up?

I would also like to hear what people consider the pros and cons of one or the other approach. Perhaps both are fine and I’m being overly paranoid?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

You should look at the Houthakker scripts:

Particularly this one:

complexpoint.macmate.me/Site … think.html

I experienced no problems when I had DT index the folder that Bookends used to keep attachments. Somehow I don’t think it is very likely that one would “accidentally” move the folder! And you will find you will get problems if you don’t let Sente control where attachments are kept – it won’t like it. It is far better to let Sente look after attachments, and just let DT have read access to them (or use the script mentioned above).

And have a look at the Sente forums – some very useful scripts there, too (see Dana Leighton’s efforts in particular).

Cheers, Martin.

Thank you for the tips! I will have a look when I find some time!