PDF import

I would like to get a clarification on the various import options for PDF files. In particular, I do not understand why there is an option to import PDF documents under the Import tab (in preferences) when there is a separate tab for importing PDF documents? I have TextLightning installed and currently have "Copy files to database folder" and "Use TextLightning" selected as my PDF options. What should happen differently when I toggle the "Import>Files>PDF Documents" option?

  1. Under “Import > Files” it’s possible to select the file types you want to import. These options are only relevant for dropped or selected folders (e.g. a dropped or selected file is always imported since v1.7).

  2. If you turn off "Import > Files > PDF documents" and drop or select one or more folders, PDF documents inside those folders are not imported.

Got it-thanks! I seldom, if ever, import entire folders so I could not see where turning this option on or off had any effect.