PDF issues

Hi all,

I’m having a strange PDF reading issue. I subscribe to a monthly photography magazine that is published in PDF format. I normally download it via my Mac, and import it in DTP, so that I can access it from any of my devices. With this month’s issue I’m seeing some strange behavior in that it displays properly in DTTG on my iPad, but if I Export the issue to any other PDF reader on my iPad, many of the images in the PDF don’t display. They appear as a blank area, but the text on the same page displays perfectly. This is happening in iBooks, Kindle, Good Reader, and PDF Expert to name a few iPad apps. Any ideas about what’s happening?

Also, is there a way to move exactly one page at a to me in DTTG? Manually swiping isn’t exact, and I find that I have carefully center the page to see it.


You should start a support ticket and attach a PDF that isn’t working. Thanks.