PDF - "Link to..."

Dear Forum,

Maybe this is a basic doubt but I’m working to learn…

On DTP, when reading a pdf file if I select some text > right-click > I found the option “Link to”.

My doubt: I can create multiple “links” on the same pdf file but how can I edit them? I’m not finding any option to edit (or delete) this links inside DTP! It’s necessary to use an external pdf editor to edit these links?


Choose Edit > PDF Document > Annotation Selection, then select the link annotation and choose “Delete Annotation” in the contextual menu. By the way, version 2.9.6 will improve PDF linking.

Thanks cgrunenberg

Not an obvious way. As you say, a thing to improve in a more intuitive way.
Anxiously waiting for next version, mainly because the PDFkit problems (services, visualization, etc.)

By the way, let me put another related question.
I use Abbyy Finereader 12 Pro to OCR my scanned files for my research (Windows version, because mac version has less capacities and on windows version I can control/edit/correct the ocr results before export to pdf).
Finereader has some important features well recognized by Acrobat:

  • Hyphenated words at the ends of lines - when words are broken between two lines, Finereader replace the hyphen with an optional hyphen, which word processors or Acrobat recognise as a word break if it appears at the end of a line. This feature is not recognised by pdf viewer on DTP: the hyphen is replaced with a space, breaking the words.
    Is this another mac OS PDFkit problem?


Yes, PDF documents are displayed by the Quartz engine of macOS.