PDF merging and splitting features

I’m moving further and further away from my desktop, but there are some missing features in DEVONthink To Go 2 that are preventing a complete switch.

  • PDF Splitting: Choosing a page and splitting the PDF on that page to get two files.
  • PDF Merging: Choosing two or more PDF files and merging them, to bundle things like related receipts together.
  • PDF Page Reordering: Making sure the information is in the right order.
  • PDF Page Deletion: Deleting useless pages.

If these features are ever implemented, it would allow me to live entirely on the iPhone. :laughing:

That sounds awful! It’s so tiny in there! :mrgreen:

I’m not inside it. I’m sitting ON top of it. :smiley:

Also… I hope it gets these these features… someday… then I can travel around the world without a laptop anymore. Liberation. :wink:

Wow, iOS 10 finally has the ability to print to PDF from any application:
blog.devontechnologies.com/2016/ … df-on-ios/

So all that’s missing now is for DEVONthink To Go to support merging/splitting PDFs.

Then I could replicate my normal workflow, but completely on the go:

  • Print the receipt email to PDF, via iOS 10’s new print to PDF feature.
  • Print the webpage receipt (if any) to PDF as well.
  • Scan any paper material to PDF (via Scanner Pro for iOS).
  • Merge the three PDFs.
  • Reorder the pages if needed.
  • Delete any useless/blank pages.

Then we get a single, archived PDF file with all data related to that purchase.

That sounds horrible to me too. hahaha
Personally speaking, my iPad they can take. Take my laptop? There will be blood. :mrgreen:

I agree that these functions would be useful. Noted but definitely not for a 2.0.x release.

Thank you Eric, there’s definitely more pressing things to fix in 2.0.x. I understand that new features like this will have to come later. I am just happy to hear that you might be adding them someday in the future.

Thanks for everything and take care! :slight_smile:

I know this is an old topic, but I’m hopeful it can be revisited now that the great v3 has been released. Specifically, what I am still missing in DTTG is ability to merge PDF documents. Please do consider adding it.

We do have this on our list. Thanks!