PDF miniatures: selection should be reset after deletion

I split a PDF using the miniature view in the inspector. Three steps:

  1. Select the pages to make up the new document
  2. Drag them to the main window (using the mouse)
  3. Delete the original pages from the original file in the miniature view, possibly selecting them again.

After the 3. step, the pages are gone from the original document (as well they should be), but the first n of the remaining pages are still selected (i.e. marked with a blue outline). To get rid of this selection I have to click on a page outside of them.

I think that keeping anything selected after the previous selection has been deleted is wrong in any context. Just imagine an editor: You select a word, press DELETE, the word is gone, but the next one is selected. Utterly pointless and irritating, I’d say.

You’re easily irritated :crazy_face: but I’d certainly +1 your argument that following deletion the selection should no longer be.

My brain actually got fried in the last days with more than 35 degrees outside…

Me too! I’m sure I learned in chemistry that reactions speed up when heated - I seem to slow down!

Just a minor glitch, next release will fix this.

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