PDF option not showing when selecting text and Clip to Devonthink in Safari iOS

In DTTG 3.1 the “PDF” options show fine when using the Share Sheet regulary. But when I select some text in Safari (to be used in the comment) then it will only show Rich Text, Formatted Note, Markdown and Plain Text. Probably because it’s then clipping text rather than making a bookmark. But what I’m trying to do is:

  1. Select some text on a web page in Safari
  2. Use the general Share Sheet to Clip to Devonthink (so don’t click the “Share” item from selected text)
  3. Use the selected text as comment
  4. Create a bookmark in PDF

Not sure what would be the expected behaviour, but I think sharing the text would be fine creating a note, while using the general share option with selected text it should create a bookmark (or PDF) with that text as the comment.

Unfortunately we are limited by the information Safari shares. When sharing selected text, Safari will only share the text, and with the general share sheet it will only share the URL. The best way to accomplish what you want would be to copy the text prior to using the general share sheet and paste the text in the comments field.

OK - thanks!