PDF Page Link Opens First Page of PDF Instead

I’m able to copy the page link of a PDF in DTTK and I can see it references the specific page that I want to link to:


However, when I click on this link in another app (e.g. Bear, Notes), it links to the first page of the PDF in DTTG.

Using the latest version of DTTG and iPadOS.

Is this a bug? I asked this in an older thread but think it ought to be its own. I did a fair amount of searching to find the solution to no avail.

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This is a known bug and will be fixed in the next major release.

Next major release, as in DTTG 4.0?

Next major release, as in 3.4 or 3.5.

Any update on this fix? Page links still not working for me on iPad running DTTG 3.5.1.

Please try with the upcoming version 3.5.2 as soon as it becomes available (no release date yet).

Pleased to see this should be fixed soon. I’ve been missing this feature badly!