Pdf reading on iphone (text to speach and reader mode)

Dear all

  1. I like the liquid mode of adobe reader (or as an alternative of documents to go) as it shows pdf in a more convenient mode on the small iphone screen. Is there a possibility to customize the toolbar of dttg so that it opens such a third party app directly (without having to click on the share button and then search for the third party app). In DTP for macos it’s possible to define the “open in third party app” in the toolbar.

  2. do you use text-to-speach on your iphone? is this possible directly with dttg or which third party app do you use?

If you have additional advices and suggestions how to improve pdf handling in dttg just let me know. Maybe you have a better workflow then me, then I would be willing to learn from you all here.

Thank you a lot for your help