PDF rendering issue in DTPro 2.9

Multiple pages of a PDF document appear to have a blank spot in the text when first viewed (see attachment). When I select the text, it renders correctly. This has to be repeated for each in which text is missing.

The document appears normal when viewed in Preview.app.

The location of the blank space coincides with a logo image used on the first page of the document, which makes me think this is a rendering issue. I have not seen this before v2.9.

The latest release of DEVONthink didn’t change this, the PDF documents are actually rendered by Mac OS X. Which version of OS X do you use? Could you send a copy of the document to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks!

Yes I reported this problem several week ago to Jim. Seems to correct itself sometimes by opening the pdf and then closing it again

I have the very same problem, however it does not help to re-open the file.
Most of the time, some parts of the PDF are shown, but it seems to be quite random which parts. Sometimes the whole page is visible, yet other times, there is only a blank page.

This is VERY annoying, since I use DevonThink exclusively to manage my PDFs - which I can’t do when I don’t see what’s in them.

macOS 10.12.2, DevonThink Pro Office 2.9.8

I attached one exemplary PDFs (most of my PDFs are affected) and some screenshots with the issue.


PDF: 2014-08-11-18-48-58.pdf.zip (510 KB)

Could you please post a screenshot of the menu View > PDF Display while viewing this document too? I can’t reproduce this. Thanks!

Single pages,
Continous scrolling
Page breaks
were active (translated from german, so the actual item names may differ)

However, the issue seems to be fixed with macOS 10.12.3…

Today, I did some more paperwork and I’m sorry to say that my last post was wrong.

The error is still visible with the newest versions of DTPO (2.9.10) and macOS (10.12.3).

Any help?
Working like this is really cumbersome…

Please start a Support Ticket.