PDF Scroll Single Page Continuous Not working on one document


I have one pdf document that I have to swipe to each page as I’m not able to scroll down like with other pdfs. I looked in the settings to be sure it was single page continuous, and I tested different pdf in which I can scroll, so not sure why this pdf doesn’t work.



Does it work in Apple’s Preview? Created by you? and if so, how?

works normally in preview. I can scroll continuously from page to page. pdf was downloaded from internet. not sure how it was created.

What settings did you check?

prefs/files/multimedia pdf settings single page continuous scroll.

What is the View > PDF Display setting when selecting the specific PDF you’re referring to?

thanks so much, here were my settings, but I just took off page breaks and seems to work now.

Screen Shot 2022-01-02 at 18.09.44

Why would this one file be different? Does that setting get saved w/ the pdf itself?