PDF scrolls back to top of the page after switching apps

Is this intended behavior?

  • open DTTG on iPadOS
  • set PDF viewing to vertical
  • open a random PDF that extents beyond the bottom of the screen
  • scroll PDF down
  • switch to another app
  • return to DTTG

The PDF automatically scrolls back to top of the page when DTTG is opened again, which I personally find rather annoying with long single paged PDFs like captured webpages.

I’ve tagged this as a bug report, but please disregard as such if this behavior intentional and/or please consider it as a feature request to keep the position of the PDF as it was before switching to another app.

It is not normal, it should remain in last position. Have you tested other PDFs? Because some not well created PDF should do strange things. And are you using last DTTG version?

I can confirm the behaviour you are describing. Interesting; it doesn’t happen on DTTG for iOS (as opposed to iPadOS).

(just to clarify: by “PDF that extends beyond the bottom of the screen” you mean an individual page in a PDF which extends beyond the bottom of the screen, rather than a PDF which has several pages, the next of which is not on the screen. A PDF will reopen on the page it was at, but a page which is longer than the screen will open at the top of that page rather than at whichever part of the page was being shown).

I’ve tried multiple PDFs, most created with iPadOS itself.

DTTG 3.1.5

Might this be related to iPadOS 14.7.1?

Yep, not a multi paged PDF

Most of my PDFs use pages which a “screen sized”, so I actually had to search for an appropriate PDF to test; as such I can’t say when this behaviour appeared - I would never have noticed it had you not said something.

I’m saving webpages to PDF much more frequently after the ‘Clip to DTTG’ function was improved and as such now have a fairly large list of PDFs that are longer than the average PDF one encounters.

Let’s say the scrolling behavior after switching apps is one of those ‘first world’ problems that is mostly annoying, and not impossible to live with :grinning:

I’m not seeing this issue in the current internal build. However, the magnification level is a bit lowered and offset to the left when returning to DEVONthink To Go.

That’s interesting, because when I pinch out (and thus zoom in), the zoom level seems to be retained. But indeed, offset.

I filed an issue on this.

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Sorry, yes, you said it returns on top of same page if the page was scrolled down. Yes, I’ve seen that.