PDF Searches Results Disappearing


I’ve been encountering a consistent issue when I attempt to conduct word searches (ie. content searches) in PDFs, whether I am searching an entire database for a specific word, or a specific PDF. In the first case, I start a content search in a database (with the appropriate modifiers). Upon opening a PDF in the results, I first see the locations in the PDF where the results occur. Then the results disappear, and I have to run the search again with the PDF. This also happens when I open a PDF and run a word search - the results will disappear and I have to run the search again. In both cases, this only seems to occur the first time I’m running a search within a PDF - ie. once I have a PDF open, and the results have already disappeared once, I can run multiple searches again without a problem.

This is annoying because 1. it adds an extra step 2. I have to wait up to 30s between the moment the search results disappear and I am able to re-enter the search, due to some unknown (at least to me) process that takes place in the background.

Is this happening to anyone else? I’m on version 3.6.2, but this has happened to me on previous versions too.


Never seen this before.
Open a support ticket and send a screencast of the behavior.

Sorry - I’ll launch a ticket when I get the chance!

No worries!