PDF size Increase

I can import a PDF to DEVONthink - 20MB say - and on opening it in DEVONthink viewer it suddenly changes to 109MB. The import is PDF and text so it isn’t as though the OCR had kicked in. How can I inhibit this increase in size?

Opening doesn’t modify any documents. Did you e.g. annotate it or add/delete/rotate pages?

Yes - I did a few highlights. If this is the issue I can annotate in another PDF app which doesn’t expand the size and get the page links from the built in viewer. Although it does seem excessive that 80MB is added for a couple of highlights.

Does annotating the PDF using Preview.app also increase the size? Both applications use macOS’ PDFKit framework, therefore this should be the case.

No change in size with Preview, but plenty of processing on save in the Devonthink viewer and resulting size 103MB (from 24MB)

Could you send the original document to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks!

Okay - will do.