Pdf templates scale wrong

When using the PDF template, whenever zooming in and out, the lines adjust and do not stay with the current text. I noticed that in the First 2 is on the line, and the second photo the line runs through my text. This changes every time you zoom in and out.

Interesting observation. I can see the behavior with also the grid template but not other PDFs where I add pencil annotation. Do you?

The background is scaling independently of the text layer. This is controlled by the framework, not DEVONthink To Go and is also evident in PSPDFKit’s PDF Viewer application.

PDF Expert and Acrobat, both using its own framework, does not exhibit this same behavior.

Note: The lines are not an image. They are a Postscript pattern with an explicitly defined set of dimensions and frequency.

I pulled in my pdf templates from GoodNotes (a few planners, etc), and I don’t notice the issue. I only get the issue with the templates in DTTG.

Current workaround is to just not use any built in templates and bring my own “pdf templates” and duplicate for new documents.

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If I’m understanding correctly the “templates” in DTTG aren’t actually true PDF which is why the issue occurs but doesn’t in an imported PDF?

And is this something that you can report to pdf viewer (or point me where I can register the bug).


That’s incorrect. It 100% is a PDF and a valid one at that. There is nothing technically wrong with it. Development would have to weigh in on specifics, as they wish.

Ok thanks. I’m just confused since it’s only on templates from DTTG but is fine if importing a PDF and writing in it.

That happens because of the technical way the templates are constructed plus the way the PDF library used by DEVONthink To Go and PDF Viewer interpret the data.

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We are in touch with the makers of the PDF engine and they confirmed this as a bug relating to optimizations they’ve recently made to zooming. We’ll watching out for the fix from their side.

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