PDF thoughts & shortcuts

Firstly, the new view of facing pages in landscape in DTTG is great. Much appreciated.

Secondly, clip to DT as pdf is brilliant. Many web pages to a long pdf page. Perfect for archiving and use in Margin note 3

Finally, I have changed to now OCR imported pdf’s in DTTG.* Would it be possible to add a shortcut for this in the Shortcuts app so that this part of my workflow can be automated? §


Capture page by screen capture on iPad (from a magazine image)
Make pdf from jpegs
Add metadata — tags and rename pdf
Save file (pdf+text) to DTTG
… on synching to DT3, move to database & group according to tags

  • Prizmo can OCR on iPad, but it loses the metadata (tags) and name of pdf
    OCR on DT3 results in a slightly smaller pdf that is slower to load and display (not all PDFs are created equal)

§ Automation is a good thing and should be encouraged

No this is not possible at this time since there is no OCR or Convert Item Shortcut action for DEVONthink To Go. Development would have to assess the feasibility here.

Yes, to a degree. But automation of a process you can already do manually is the best option as you have the analog fallback procedure in place in case the automation fails. Automation that fails and leaves you dead in the water because you don’t know the underlying process is not a wise situation to be in.

Academic automation is good too, i.e., learning something new, adding skills to your personal or professional toolbox.

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I await iPad OS 16 and all the wonderful shortcut shortcuts it will bring!

Yes, Humans can mess things up, computers can really mess things up and automation …

We hope you continue to await it, i.e., don’t install betas and wait for the public release - hahaha!