PDF to Inbox with less overhead

It would be enormously useful if I could use the DevonThink share extension to save a PDF without having to launch all of DT3 in the process. Imagine just being able to save a webpage and have it land in the global inbox for later filing without having to wait for DT3 to launch, then open a database. Heavenly! As it is now, I feel like I’m driving a tank to pick up a quart of milk at the corner market.

How about ignoring the share extension and just Print/Save as PDF and choose the Inbox folder as the save destination. A couple of clicks but you never see all the DT stuff. Of course, if you have Keyboard Maestro, you can reduce this all to a quick hotkey.

Yes, thanks, that’s the workaround I frequently use. But it’s a sad compromise because DT produces superior PDFs compared to simply printing from the web browser.

But when saving to a Finder folder first, even if it’s the Inbox folder, the PDF has no URL data which at least for me is indispensable.

Did you choose the Global Inbox in the Import settings as the destination and not “Select group”? Then DEVONthink would still have to launch but there would be no HUD to pick the destination.

It’s funny how different results can be. I constantly use the print to PDF feature (with a shortcut set in the services menu), because Devon’s own PDF clipper usually results in cookie notices and other popups from the page. Sometimes, the one-page option is better in that sense. Also, compared to Safari’s Reader view, I get worse results with Devon’s clutter-free option.

I switch to get the best results. My first option is Reader View + Save As PDF to DEVONthink, the second clipping clutter-free. This goes for text centric pages. When the pages contain images and charts it is trial-and-error when the site and its underlying technology is unknown.

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In fact, I use a Keyboard Maestro macro that:

  1. Switches to Reader view
  2. PDF prints to the DT Inbox, and then
  3. Returns to my browser

DT flashes up on the screen for a second, but I don’t have to intervene in any way

My request has nothing to do with interacting with DT, it’s about the overhead of launching it.