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I come back on a topic which has been already discussed in this forum but I have a complementary question.
I have hundreds of “pdf” files with the extension “pdf” instead of the extension “PDF” then as a consequence in DTpro I don’t see the image preview of the file but instead the pdf icon.
I understand (and I tested this) to change my files with “PDF” extension instead of “pdf” extension I have to open it in Acrobat then “Save as PDF” and finally in DT Pro I have the image preview.
BUT, as I said I have hundreds of files like this and I don’t want to spend hours to do manually the conversion.
Is somebody could suggest me an “automatized” solution?


P.S.: don’t suggest me to change manually the extension directly in the Finder…it doesn’t works :slight_smile:…too simple :slight_smile:

Are you able to view these documents with Quick Look or Preview.app? Or only with Adobe software?

I can open them in Preview (and even highlight the text for instance)

another strange think when I look at my files in the Finder all are marked “pdf” but 1 with “PDF” and after a full resync of the solder in DTPro I got majority of the files with sort = PDF and then a part of the files with sort = “pdf”

PDFs are not made by one method. There are many ways to create them and many ways to make bad PDFs too. Unless you’re only using PDFs you’ve created yourself, you should never assume a “PDF is a PDF, like any other PDF”.

I don’t have a current version of Acrobat, but there used to be a batch function in the menus of Acrobat Pro.

OK I understand

Well my “pdf” came from outside sources which I can’t control so obviously when I get the “pdf” file I don’t know if it’s a “good” one or not :frowning:

Unfortunately I haven’t Acrobat Pro so can’t see if this batch option exist need to investigate on Internet if any other solution exist

thanks for the answer anyway

Best regards


Rebuilding the database or exporting & reimporting the files might fix this.

done a rebuilding and after a crash on the middle of the process resync my folder where the pdf are located (and crashed also during resync process) nothing change…
Looks like that it depends of how the pdf was created and if incorrectly then hard to correct it then after

Could you please send some examples to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Thanks in advance!