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Is there a way to make a url clickable in a PDF file?

I know you can add a URL to a pdf but what if I have a video like shown in this screenshot on a PDF and want to click it and open it in a new window?

Whilst I would probably be asking myself how I could stop somebody who had sent me a PDF with an embedded video from ever doing it again, I think the answer to your question is “not in DEVONthink”. DT3 already supports links in PDFs, so I guess your PDF is not compliant (or uses a method not supported by PDFkit). I presume the video is not “clickable” even when you open the PDF in preview? If that is the case you would need to edit the PDF in an PDF editor of your choice, adding the appropriate URL to the frame.


In Preview it is not clickable either. but in the same page this url is clickable.

I guess the only way is to edit the pdf and add the video url. But I thought there was some sort of script that auto adds url if video links are detected, No harm in asking :wink:

Absolutely no harm - I’m not aware of any such automation (but am, as always, happy for anyone to assist me in expanding my knowledge).

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The only way I can imagine scripting that is if you can find the requisite URL verbatim anywhere in the PDF or its metadata; it might be worth looking in the links section of the document manager and rummaging around in the rest of the metadata. I don’t have a PDF with an embedded video link handy.

But even if you do find it, it would only offer an indirect route (e.g. by sending the URL to Safari when you click a button to run the script), but would not edit the PDF.

I’m not expert on scripting so I wouldnt know what I would be doing anyway lol

It’s ok for now.

Thank you Le Blanc :wink:

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