PDF View resets to first instance of a search term

If I search for a term that occurs multiple times in a long PDF document, clicking away to another item in an already-open tab, and then clicking back to the tab with the PDF resets the view to the first result. This happens even after having scrolled down through the document and highlighting text. This is also true if I have selected a different result than the first result in the search pane for the item. It’s a minor frustration, but I haven’t found a way to prevent it from happening. It seems to be connected to the search pane re-searching the entire PDF document (which is an indexed file).

There isn’t a way to prevent this, and yes, the in-document search happens when the document is selected.

I suppose it may be possible to cache the search hits for a static document like a PDF, but @cgrunenberg would have to assess the feasibility of such a thing.

On the face of it, it could be a problem unless new searches flushed the current cached search. Otherwise you could end up with a large search cache per-document.
Also, this would not be something supported in DEVONthink To Go at this time, so we have to consider that as well.

Workaround: Open the document in its own window and search internally there.

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Thanks, both of you. The separate window workaround is very helpful. It’s interesting that the behavior is different in a window vs. a tab.

The Inspector in a main window is dynamically changing based on the current selection.
The Inspector in a document window is static since you’re only dealing with one isolated document.