PDF Viewer on ipad + one document at a time

First, I am new to Devonthink, but love it. Just some initial impressions:

  1. I have an iPad pro. It seems when viewing a PDF document their is one default zoom. Open a document it zooms to view 2/3’s of the page. If i zooms back, it rezooms. It seems to default to a zoom to the size of the pdf viewing area. This is annoying because it makes some pdf files look very big on the ipad.

  2. It would be nice to have more than one pdf open for reading at a time (such as a tabbed interface is possible in Papers3).

  3. Also it seems the PDF viewer doesnt not remember where you were in the document. If I go to another document and come right back, it always reopens to the same page. This makes it harder for reading long documents and referencing other documents.

Thank you,

I agree that at the moment the PDF reader of DTTG2 leaves a lot to be desired. If it’s a long read I usually open the PDF in GoodReader (afterwards I delete it there, because it is copied).

I’m convinced that the guys at DEVONtechnologies will work on this topic.

Remembering the reading position is definitely on the list for one of the next releases.

Food for thought: what about syncing the reading position between the devices? that is what i miss most on almost all PDF reader solutions at the moment. and most dttg users probably have dt installed on a mac anyways…

While this may be a matter of personal taste, I dislike swiping left right to move between pages, so my request for improving the PDF experience on iOS would be to allow moving through pages vertically too. That way, we can start at the top and simply scroll down as we read. As is, I need to scroll down, reach the bottom of the page and then swipe to the next page… scroll then swipe…