PDF Viewer: View multiple pages at once & PDF Editor: edit (add and delete) outlines

Dear developers,
I hope I am addressing a wish for DTTG appropriately this way.
I really like DTTG and DT so far. The only huge drawbacks for my workflow on the iPad (iPad Pro 12.9) are the lack of the possibility to utilize the big screen to view multiple pages of a PDF at once and the lack of an outlining function.
On my Mac I use PDF Expert where both options work perfectly. There I can see multiple pages at once while being in continuous scrolling mode and with a right click on e. g. a headline I can create an outline entry. Since the iPad is far more handy from my point of view and has sufficient screen real estate, it would be very nice to have those functions available in DTTG as well.

Best regards


PDFs are handled by day a third party framework. No promises but we can pass the request along.

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Does that also mean that there is no hope in disabling the thumbnail browser that appears at the bottom of the screen?