PDF - which page is which?

Hi all

Haven’t posted for a while, but am still a DTPro user - despite the unbelievable fact that Dthe DTpro-people don’t seem to do as I say when i say it :laughing:

But seriously, I have another little thing that brings me trouble.

I have discovered that Adobe Acrobat Pro is actually worth the money (for me anyway). Acrobat can especially do one thing that is a life-saving necessity for me.

I often receive pdf’s that have been generated by people/machines that either don’t think or just want to make my life difficult. This means that very often I will receive a document that is say 355 pages, of which the four first pages are not numbered, they just contain a list of contents or similar. I.e “page one” is actually lets say the “fourth page” and after that there is sequential numbering.

This means that if you have your document open and someone asks to you to go to page 54 and you let your fingers magically work the keyboard (Go To Page…") you end up on page 51 despite the fact that you typed in “54”.

Acrobat can change this for me, I can change the numbering of the pages so that the first there pages have roman numeral I, the second one II etc. So when I am in Acrobat and type 54 I actually end up on page 54…i.e “Go to page…” works.

So I’m a happy camper… untill… i access that document in DTPro. It appears that DTPro cannot recognize these changes that Acrobat has made. So in DTPro page 54 is actually page 51.

I would so very much like DTPro to either see the changes made by Acrobat or allow me to renumber the pages so that I can decide where page one begins.

Thanks everyone

thanks for the suggestion! Does the Preview application support the renumbered pages?

Nope, alas preview in snow leopard doesn’t seem to recognize the page numbering, but it seems that preview in Lion does, at least with one document that I tested. So at the moment I am unsure of preview, i.e if it does or not.

But the ability to change the numbering of the pages (i.e thumbnails) is an extremely useful thing. I would gladly pay extra for DTPro if that functions was there. It is the primary reason I pay for Adobe Acrobat Pro (even if it has some other uses). So please, please, pretty please see if you can implement this.

Just to clarify the workflow. In a particular case I can have several pdf;s or sometimes just one really big pdf. The pdf’s quite often have preambles or what not that are not included in the page nr on the written copy. Hence I need to make sure I end up at the same page when someone says “go to page 7”, I also need to be able to make links between different pdf’s , links to a particular page in a specific pdf. This works reasonably well as long as one can stay in DTPro. Finally i need a “Go to page” keyboard shortcut (see another post I made). For some inexplicable reason there is no way to use the keyboard to jump to a particular page (keep in mind I need to do this quickly during a trial).

Still, gotta love DtPro :slight_smile:


Could you please send one or more examples to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Then I’ll check whether it’s possible (and not too much work :slight_smile:), thanks.


I’ve sent you two files.

Thanks for trying

Happy days :smiley: It’s fixed