PDFs in DTTG: multiple color picker

I’m note sure if someone has requested something like this before, but I think that if the top menubar on DTTG (while reading PDFs) made available more color choices (re: immediate picker), the workflow of highlighting/underlining/etc could be quite faster. (see mockup below)

I, for instance, have color codes when reviewing pdf. These are:

Screenshot 2021-03-26 at 16.53.23

The fast change of color in the pdf tools is, in fact, one of the reasons I keep maintaing Highlighs app, instead of just sticking to DTTG.

Note: DT3 could also benefit from something similar, but in the Mac I customised the toolbar (with BetterTouchTool) to speed up the process.

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Why don’t you just add shortcuts for the highlight colors in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts ?

Select text and hit the shortcut… the text is highlighted in that color. If you want to keep highlighting in that color, you can just press Shift-Command-L for subsequent selections. Then select and hit a shortcut to change the color again.

On the Mac I tend to forget the shortcuts… there are too many to memorize. Using the TouchBar works better for me.

My request stands mainly for the iPadOS app, DTTG.

I second this. I’m currently testing keeping my workflow withing DT/DTTG, but I do miss the ease of switching between colours when on iPad, and having a colour bar or the select text → colour bar pop ut a la Highlights app, would speed things up considerably.

And if you don’t mind me piggybacking here, it would be awesome if the DTTG colour pop up offered six colour spaces instead of four. :innocent:

These things are controlled by the third-party developer. No promises, but we can pass it along.


I’ll 3rd this request :grinning: