PDFs showing as duplicates but they are not


I’ve been moving PDFs into DTP by drag and drop from Finder and they are highlighted as dark blue which I assume means duplicate. The problem is they are not. They do come from the source though. Is there a way to tell DTP that documents are not duplicates?


Are those PDFs copies of microfilms of old newspaper or journal articles? I’ve seen some of those. The first page of the PDFs are searchable and contain identical (or very nearly identical) text, the remainder are images of the article without text content.

DEVONthink will consider such documents to be identical. Just recognize that and don’t worry about it.

Depending on the resolution of the images and the quality of the old microfilm or microfiche images, OCR might make them searchable, and the searchable PDFs would no longer be marked as identical.

These are 1 page PDF’s generated when I request them. The first 4-5 lines are identical, the rest of the content is different. I can send you the copies offline if you it helps. Otherwise, I’ll assume all it well.