Performance issues on 4th generation (2020) iPad Pro

Hello, I’m a DTTG-only user, as I don’t have a Mac. I’ve been adding on my iPad some (about 20) large PDFs – each a thousand pages physics books – and the performance of navigating through menus got pretty laggy and slow (it takes from 5 to 10 seconds to open the group where the PDFs are stored, and even when it opens, scrolling is laggy). Also, the OCR is great, and I really wanted to convert my books into searchable PDFs, but the converting doesn’t work very well: when it gets to the end of the process, the app often crashes; or the converted files are corrupted, and can’t be viewed.
I had the same PDFs on the same iPad in Notability, and it managed them without problem (although no converting OCR, of course).

So I guess my question is: is DTTG not made to be used like this? Or is my iPad too old? Would I need a Mac to make use of the full capabilities of DT? Or am I missing something else?
Thank you!

Navigating PDFs will be a lot faster in the next maintenance release of DEVONthink To Go. What else apart from navigating is slow?

The conversion to searchable PDF often doesn’t work and makes the app crash. Also, the navigation of the pdf itself is fine, it’s the showing of the list of files that is slow

Does your iPad have sufficient free space? I don’t know what the minimum is, but it needs free space.

Yes, I do have free space. Actually I just noticed that although I have about 4GB of files in DTTG, the space it occupies on my iPad is 28GB! Maybe that’s the problem?

Actually, both should be fixed in the next maintenance release.

No. What iOS shows you here is also the space used for Spotlight, caches, sync data, etc.

Okay, I’ll wait for the next update. Thank you!

And here it is already.

A belated welcome @bodo and if you run into further problems with the large PDFs, please go to DEVONthink To Go’s databases screen, select ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Then we can discuss getting a copy of a problematic PDF to test here. Thanks!

Amazing! Works much better with the PDF lists, it’s fast to open them too. Still a little laggy with long lists of bookmarks and images, but very useable. Terrific work, thank you @eboehnisch and @BLUEFROG!


Thanks for the confirmation and words of praise! They’re very appreciated :smiling_face: